4 Things to Do if You Detect a Problem with the Brand New Windows You Had Installed

cameraYou invested a significant amount of money in brand new replacement windows for your Toronto area home. If you did it right, they should look amazing once they are installed. If you tried to cut corners and save as much money as possible, and you purchased the cheapest windows you can find at your local home improvement superstore, you could be quite disappointed with how they look when they are installed.

Those cheap windows might look fine in the store, wrapped up in plastic or on display, but when they are installed in your house, up against the walls, with the molding surrounding them, your nice, hardwood floor surface or carpeting, they really do look as cheap as they are.

If you made the right decision and purchased your windows from a quality window and door company, such as Platinum Windows and Doors, and you notice something is wrong with them, either with the hardware, their position, or functionality, here are four things you should do right away.

1. Contact the window and door company immediately.

Don’t wait. If you detect a problem let them know about it. Don’t try to repair or fix the problem yourself.

2. Take a picture of the issue and send it to them, when they request.

If there is a scratch, dent, crack in the glass, or something else you notice, take a picture of it so the company can see what might’ve happened.

3. Avoid using the window.

Even if the problem is not affecting functionality to open and close the window, just leave it alone for the time being. If the company advises you that you can certainly use a window and they will take care of the problem anyway, then go ahead and open it if you need to or want to.

4. Follow any instructions the window and door company provide.

If the representative from the window and door company provides you instructions on what you need to do, either to check for a defect or if something is simply stuck because of the manufacturing process, follow those instructions as closely as possible. If the problem still can’t be resolved, they will likely send somebody out to check it and possibly replace the window as needed.