5 Questions You Should Ask Your Window and Door Company before any Purchase

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Window and Door Company before any PurchaseBefore making any type of purchase for replacement windows or doors for your Toronto area home, here are five questions you should ask the company.

Question #1: How much experience do you have with replacement windows and doors?

A company that just opened up may be trying to capitalize on a surge in home improvement projects that people in the area are taking on. If the company ownership or representative doesn’t have a lot of experience, you might not be getting the right type of information that can help you make an accurate decision for your home and family.

Question #2: What type of warranty do you offer?

Most brand-new windows and doors will come with a manufacturer’s warranty and that should be more than enough. However, it’s important to realize that many of these warranties will not be honored if they are not installed by somebody certified by the company itself. The right window and door company will have their own on staff, trained, and certified installers to guarantee that warranty holds.

Question #3: Do you offer support if there is something wrong after they are installed?

The manufacturer may be responsible for the warranty, but the right company will stand behind the products they sell you. You should be able to get support from the company if there is a question or concern you have about the doors or windows once they are installed.

Question #4: Can I speak to other customers you have had?

You might not be given any information about previous clients the company has served in the past, but they should be able to direct you to an online review site where you can see honest reviews from previous company customers. Reading through these can give you some good insight into whether or not they take good care of their customers.

Question #5: Will you give me time to consider my options?

The last thing any homeowner should have to deal with is a pushy salesperson. When you find the right company, such as Platinum Windows and Doors, you will be given more than enough time (as much as you need) to go through all of the options and information you gather when you are shopping around for these windows or doors to make the right decision for your home, family, and budget.