4 Steps to Improving the Safety and Security of Your Home (Hint, New Windows Can Help)

iron bars windowsYou’re concerned about the safety of your Toronto area home. Maybe you purchased the home relatively recently and didn’t fully appreciate the various risk factors with regard to the entry doors and even the windows.

Now that you have been living there for some time, you notice how loose the front door is, how low some of the windows are so that it is easily accessible from outside, and more.

You don’t have to sit idly by and hope that somebody doesn’t try breaking into your house. Being proactive when it comes to security for your home is one of the best assets. Here are four steps to improve your home’s safety and security.

Step #1: Evaluate the condition of your windows.

Yes, windows are glass and glass breaks, but most people trying to break into your home are going to attempt to get in without breaking the glass. That’s because breaking glass makes noise and that attracts neighbors and unwanted attention. If you’re in the house and hear the glass break, it’s going to alert you.

However, old windows can be easy to open because of their locking mechanisms. If your windows are at least 10 or 15 years old, it’s time to replace them, anyway.

Step #2: Take an honest assessment of your entry doors.

Any entry door that wiggles in the frame will provide somebody an opportunity to squeeze the crowbar into that space, popping the door open without making too much noise. Getting brand-new entry doors with stronger hardware, hinges, and frame is a great way to improve security.

Step #3: Consider a home security system.

Having a home security system means every entry door and window will have an alarm sensor on it. If the sensor gets tripped, the alarm, as long as it is activated, will go off, signaling that somebody may be trying to gain illegal access into your home.

Step #4: Make sure everyone in the family locks those doors when they’re supposed to.

Having doors that are left unlocked or even windows that aren’t closed properly when you’re going out can be a liability. No amount of investment in your windows or doors is going to help if people leave them unlocked.