Casement Replacement Windows Offer Numerous Benefits for Your Home

casement windowsWhen you hear the term ‘casement replacement window,’ what do you think? A lot of people immediately envision a basement window, some small rectangular window that just allows a small amount of sunlight into the basement space.

Casement windows can encompass a wide range of styles, sizes, and appearances. There are numerous benefits to considering casement windows, not the least of which is security.

Casement replacement windows open on a hinge.

Whether the hinge is vertical or horizontal doesn’t really matter. They often rely on a crank handle to open and close these windows. Some simply need to be released and slide open, but those don’t offer the same security as a crank handle window.

This offers better security.

When you can’t force the window open, even if it is open by five or six inches, that offers a great deal of security. If you have a double hung window, for example, that is open and you go out for the afternoon, somebody only needs to cut the screen, push the window open a little bit more, and they are in your house. They can’t do that with the casement window.

There are other great features that offer benefits.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from quality casement windows include:

  • A multipoint locking hardware mechanism.
  • A heavy-duty handle.
  • Sash keepers.
  • The unique ramp system.
  • A full-screen and overlapping frame.

Many of these things are difficult to truly envision what they are, which is why it’s such a good idea to spend some time with a quality window and door company to look at all available options, including styles, colors, low-e film coating, and more.

When you invest properly in replacement casement windows for your home, you can have floor-to-ceiling casement windows for your living area that overlook the garden or beautiful property you spent countless hours getting into great shape.

Never underestimate the improvement of your home with a new style, size, or even design for the windows in each room of your house.