4 Ways Louvered Doors Can Enhance the Interior of Your Toronto Home

slideshow-3You might not have thought about using louvered doors on anything but closets, but they can actually enhance certain rooms in your Toronto area home. There are plenty of ways that louvered doors can provide a wonderful enhancement, too, and below are four ways you might not have considered previously.

1. Providing privacy.

Believe it or not, a louvered door can offer privacy in many situations. Just because the fixed slats of the louvered doors can allow somebody to see through, that doesn’t mean privacy has to be compromised.

It’s not ideal for bedrooms, per se, but for the home office that is tucked in the corner of the family room, for example, that louvered door can allow some privacy for the person trying to get work done.

2. As a piece of furniture.

Many people convert wood shutters or slatted louvered doors into furniture. This can bring great design to a small table or even a cube that can be used to hold shoes and other items by the entry doors.

3. For changing areas.

Using three or more sections of louvered doors, you can create screens behind which somebody can get changed in a bedroom. Adding some decorative elements can provide more privacy, if needed.

4. Improving air flow.

If there are certain rooms in the house that get stuffy because the air doesn’t seem to move through them as well as in other rooms, applying louvered doors instead of a solid door can boost airflow.

This may limit some of the privacy, especially for bedroom, but it can help enhance the comfort and living space of that particular room.

When you have louvered doors, you can let your creativity and imagination run wild and you may discover some even better ideas for those particular styles of door.