3 Benefits Wood Shutters Offer for Your New Replacement Windows

shuttersYou’ve just purchased brand new replacement windows for your Toronto area home. It may have been a difficult decision because it’s a significant investment. Once you realized that choosing the right replacement windows can actually improve the value of your home as well as its comfort, you made the decision and they have been installed.

Now it’s time to think about the window treatments you might want for those windows.

Whether you simply replaced your old windows with the same style and size or went with a completely different look for every room, it’s time to consider the type of window coverings you have regarding them.

Window treatments can include curtains, blinds, drapes, and shutters. The most common type of window treatment people have on their home are plastic blinds and possibly drapery or curtains.

Would shutters can be a much better option for a number of reasons. Yes, they can be a bit costlier up front, but they can provide many other benefits to the average homeowner. Here are three to consider.

Benefit #1: Quality light control.

You can control the amount of direct sunlight that gets into your home much easier with wood shutters. Opening the slats, angling them certain way, or drawing open the shutters only slightly can help you minimize the amount of direct sunlight getting into your home, which can help to protect furniture and reduce the amount of heat getting into your house.

Benefit #2: Privacy.

You can open the top portion of the shutters or throw open the shutters completely, depending on the amount of privacy you wish to enjoy. With these options, you’ll find that privacy is much more controllable with wood shutters than blinds, curtains, or other types of drapery.

Benefit #3: Appearance.

When you compare the look of gorgeous wood shutters with basic curtains, draperies, or plastic blinds, you see there is no real comparison.

While Platinum Windows and Doors is your replacement window and door company, we believe the type of window covering and treatment you choose can enhance the windows you have installed in your home.