3 Things to Know about Your Replacement Window Installer(s)

install_01Choosing replacement windows for your Toronto area home is a great investment. As long as you choose the right company for your replacement windows, you should also end up with a qualified and experienced installer. Keep in mind that if you try to save money and hire an installer independently, the warranty on your particular replacement windows may not be honored by the manufacturer.

Think about it in a similar situation with your flatscreen television. If you purchase your television and it has a one year manufacturer’s warranty on it, what happens if you bring it to an unlicensed or uncertified repair shop?

If something goes wrong the warranty will be voided. It’s similar when you’re talking about installation of replacement windows. Installation has to be precise for many modern windows because of their construction.

When focusing on choosing the right window installer, here are three things you should know.

The right company has quality installers on staff.

A company like Platinum Windows and Doors will have highly experienced installers on staff. They don’t outsource this work to other independent contractors.

A certified installer helps to protect the warranty.

When the manufacturer certifies a specific installer and those windows are installed by them, in the event that something is not functioning properly on the window, that manufacturer will likely honor the warranty.

An experienced installer is professional through the entire process.

There are many challenges that window installers face, from having to move furniture, worrying about fragile items the homeowner has near the windows, and more. However, an experienced installer will be professional throughout the entire process. That can make the entire installation process much more comfortable and enjoyable for you, the homeowner.