3 Things to Know About Exterior Doors in Toronto

Window Installation TorontoConsidering something other than the exterior doors you already have in your Toronto area home can cause some anxiety. Maybe you never thought about replacing the exterior doors in your home, but you’ve grown tired of their appearance, they seem broken down and old, and it’s time for a bit of a facelift.

When most people begin shopping for replacement exterior doors for the first time they may experience some amount of sticker shock. They see some incredible doors, double doors, ornate doors, and natural, full oak or mahogany front doors and their jaw hits the floor when they see a $3,000, $5,000, or even higher price tag on them.

When they begin strolling around their local home improvement superstore, though, they may see $700 price tags for some decent looking knockoff imitation doors. Before making that decision, think about these three important factors about any replacement exterior door for your home.

1. They can offer safety and security.

The cheaper the door, the less secure and safe it will be. A more durable, harder door surface that is better built is going to protect your home better from potential, would be thieves or others looking to gain illegal access into your home.

2. They can protect against cold air.

The better, more durable doors are also going to be more energy-efficient. Everyone in Toronto, at least those who have spent at least one winter in this area, understand how costly it can be to heat a home.

40 percent of your home’s heat is going to be lost through your drafty windows and doors. If you want to maximize your savings, consider investing in better, higher quality doors.

3. They can be stylish.

Those cheaper doors may look great in the showroom, and they might look decent enough when they are first installed in your home, but after a while they will begin to show their true colors. Nothing beats quality when it comes to appeal and value for your home and that goes for replacement windows and doors.