3 Advantages of Louvered Closet Doors

New WindowsIf you’re considering louvered closet doors for your home, maybe it’s just for one or two bedrooms or all of them, it can be a great asset. There are numerous advantages to choosing louvered closet doors as opposed to traditional, solid doors.

What are louvered closet doors?

If you have exterior shutters on your home or have seen them on somebody else’s house, you will notice they are not functional. Most exterior shutters today are for appearance only. They have slats that are fixed at a specific angle.

Those are essentially what louvered closet doors can look like. They have angled slats that allow airflow through the door. It may not seem like a great asset, but let’s think about this in terms of three basic advantages you can get from louvered closet doors.

Advantage #1: Light.

The closet doesn’t have to have light, right? Especially not when the door’s closed. However, there could be numerous reasons why lighting may be essential when you go into a closet.

Few closets actually have built-in lights. You open the closet to find clothing, boxes, or other items stored in there, but if you can’t get enough light inside, it can make it difficult to find what you want. With louvered closet doors, natural light can be getting in much more easily, whether they are opened or closed.

Advantage #2: They are convenient.

A louvered closet door is convenient. That’s because they are light. They don’t take a lot of effort to open and close and can make it much easier to have access to those closets.

Advantage #3: It allows air to flow freely.

If you have clothing and other items stored in the closet, they can become stale, especially if you also keep dirty laundry in there. If you have louvered closet doors, the air can flow freely, helping to keep fresh air moving throughout the closet, keeping your clothes smelling fresher.