3 Things That Happen When You Go with Cheap Replacement Windows

Broken Glass, Fixing the Problem or Replacing the Windows in Your Toronto HomeIt’s well past time that you had your old, worn-out windows in your home replaced. You don’t see this as an opportunity to improve the value or comfort of your house; you only see this as an unneeded expense at this time.

When you go into this important home improvement project with that mindset, you will most likely be focused on getting the cheapest possible replacement windows you can find. And you can certainly find some cheap ones.

However, the vast majority of homeowners who choose the cheapest possible replacement windows they can find regret their decision within a short amount of time. Could be a few months, as little as a couple of weeks, or maybe a year or two into the future when you realize just how cheap they are.

Here are three things that very well might happen if you decide to go the route of cheapest possible windows you can get.

1. You’ll notice drafts like crazy.

Even though some of the companies that sell those cheap windows will market them as being energy-efficient, they are anything but. At least, in comparison to higher-quality windows.

You’ll begin noticing the drafts from those windows this winter, especially on those extremely frigid nights. Then, you’ll be paying a lot more for your heating expenses.

2. You’ll likely have regrets.

As mentioned, most people regret their decision to get cheap replacement windows, especially for their own home. You’re about to invest a few thousand dollars into your house. Choosing higher quality windows can actually have a positive influence on the assessed value of your house.

Missing out on that opportunity is sure to cause regret.

3. Broken components.

Could be the window hardware, latches that allow you to clean the outside of the windows from inside your house, or even the window frames themselves. They’re all cheap and poorly made. They will break easily.

By the time you have those cheap replacement windows in your house for one year, you will most likely have at least one part of one window break. Over time, the list of broken pieces will only grow longer.

The best thing you can do for your home, family, and budget is to take this potential project more seriously and make a reasonable investment.