“Neat” Glass – Windows that practically clean themselves!

It’s like having self-cleaning windows! EnerView Neat® Glass coating is applied to glass during production to reduce the need for frequent exterior window cleaning. This coating is activated by sunlight and breaks down organic materials such as dust and other airborne particles, resulting in a much cleaner surface.

Glass Options

Add a unique element to any window with EnerView’s Specialty Glass Options. From eye-catching patterns to subtle accents, EnerView Series Windows develop their own personality. The glass is available in various styles and colours. Our glass is also available in Grey, Bronze and laminated Security glass. Options pictured in panes at right, from top: Pinhead, Sycamore, Glue Chip and Silvet.

neat-vs-plain less cleaning neat-glass-demo less cleaning laminate-glass less cleaning
Neat Glass


All our window frames, grills and accessories are available in thirteen beautiful pre-selected Solar-Bond™ colours. We can also custom colour match any existing decor colour or exterior to suit your individual needs. Our standard polyurethane acrylic paint finishes are weather and fade-resistant with a 15 year Solar-Bond™ Exterior Colour Warranty.

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