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Superior Doors and Windows in Scarborough

Every homeowner dreams of a home that provides them comfort, especially after a long day at work. But sometimes we get too busy that we forget to do our part in making sure that every part of the house is in excellent condition to give us the level of comfort that we want. And often the two parts of the house that are most often used are also the ones that get overlooked. We’re talking about your doors and windows.

How many times do you open and close your windows every single day? And how many times do you actually spend time cleaning them or making sure they’re still working as they should? If you live in a relatively old house, chances are, your doors are still made of wood that may already be a little warped. There may also be some broken glass or missing panes in your window. One way or another, your doors and windows may be compromising the insulation in your home. If you notice that it doesn’t get cool enough during summer or it doesn’t get warm enough in your home during winter even if you have attic and wall insulation, then your doors and windows may be the culprit.

It may be time for you to replace your doors and windows! If you are from Scarborough, then there’s only one company you should look for when it comes to home improvements – Platinum Home Design & Renovations. We offer the best windows and doors in Scarborough and all its neighbouring areas.Not only do we have the highest quality products but also the most reliable team of certified door and window installers.

Read on and find out more about what Platinum Home Design & Renovations can offer you.

Dependable Doors for Your Scarborough Home
For entrance doors that will surely make every guest want to step inside your home, you can choose from different collections like our Executive Series Entrance Doors, Arteferro® Wrought Iron Glass, Harbour Craft® Fiberglass Doors, TRU Elegance Decorative Glass, Classic Entrance Doors, Venting Doors, and Garden Entrance Doors. With the vast selection of styles that all promise a timeless look and durability that will stand the test of time, you can definitely find one that suits your home’s aesthetics and your preferences.You can check out our selection of storm doors, too!

We also have Patio Doors that will provide your family and guests with a convenient and inviting entryway to your outdoor living space. Scarborough homeowners just love our patio doors from our Buckingham Patio Door series, Our Embassy Series Garden Sliders, Series 1200 Thermal-Control Sliding Patio Door, Windsor Series, and Victorian Patio Door collections. If you are looking for woodgrain finishes for a more cozy look, you can certainly have that. We also offer patio door decorative glass and hardware as well as Venetian Series Internal Mini Blinds.

Some homeowners feel more confident with customized porch enclosures. Platinum Home Design & Renovations offer this option to our Scarborough clients, too. Yours can come in brown, clay, grey, ivory, sandalwood, or white finish. With our custom-made doors, you’ll enjoy elegance, comfort, and versatility all year round!

Well-Made Windows for an Updated Look
DId you know that aside from painting the walls, the easiest way to give your home a makeover is by replacing your windows? It’s true. Many homeowners do not realize how their old windows are making their homes look shabby until they get new ones. Aside from aesthetics, there are many important reasons for you to replace what you have right now with Enerview Windows from Platinum Home Design & Renovations. First of all, we offer our amazing windows in an assortment of styles. We have picture windows, single and double hung windows, single and double horizontal sliders, casement windows, bow windows, bay windows, and customizable architectural shapes that can give your home a distinct look. When you choose our windows, you’ll save a lot of energy, save time (because you won’t have to clean them!), and you’ll get world-class quality that is backed by a lifetime warranty. All our windows are installed only be certified professionals who are known in Scarborough for excellent home improvement services.
Our Team
We have been trusted by thousands of homeowners in Scarborough and other areas for over 25 years. There’s a pretty big chance that some (if not all) of your family and friends get their windows and doors from us. That beautiful entrance door you see down the street? We probably installed that! Your favourite neighbor is probably waving at you from one of our windows, too! Enjoy the benefits of premium quality doors and windows! Call Platinum Home Design & Renovations today!

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