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When you have been living in a house for some time, it’s very easy to get used to things and be oblivious to the little changes. The problem is, those little changes can grow into bigger problems when ignored. Time will come that you’ll find that there are quite a few repairs in and around your house that require immediate attention –  windows missing panes, inefficient insulation, old and distressed doors, and more. We know that it can get frustrating and you might even think that moving to a new house is an easier option! But before you make any rash decisions, you might want to know about what Ajax’s leading home improvement company can do for you and your home.
Homeowners in Ajax and all its neighbouring areas know that the only company to call for their home improvement needs is Platinum Home Design & Renovations. Our team of experts specializes in windows and doors. We are proud to tell you that we only offer our beloved customers with the highest quality products and reliable repair and installation services.
Let us talk to you about our high-quality windows and doors – and why we believe they’ll fit your Ajax home perfectly.

Amazing Enerview Windows
Our Enerview windows are everything you wish your windows at home would be – they’re highly durable, elegant, secure, maintenance-free, and of course, energy efficient! The usual glass gains heat during summer and loses heat when the weather gets cold. You wouldn’t have the same problems with Enerview windows as their low emissivity coating improves insulation by about 40%. This incredible coating technology filters out heat from the sun when it’s hot and let it in during the colder months. That means you and your family will enjoy year-round comfort!

Our windows also come with Super Spacer made of 100% polymer foam. This separates and seals the glass layers helping your windows keep an ideal temperature in your home. It reduces condensation and minimizes noise coming from the outside, too!
You can choose from an array of window styles we have available for your home in Ajax. We have casement windows, double and single hung windows, picture windows, and double or single horizontal sliders. We also have bow and bay windows that can instantly give extra light to any room. You can give your home that distinct character that is uniquely your own by choosing from our set of windows in architectural shapes. All of our windows come with a lifetime warranty – an assurance that you’re getting premium quality products.
Wonderfully Welcoming Doors
Whether you are needing a new entrance door to welcome your guests, a patio door to lead your family to a relaxing spot outdoors, storm doors that are durable as they are elegant, or garden doors that will match your home’s architectural style better, we got you covered.
Doors from our Executive Series can give you that sophisticated look without compromising functionality. We have fiberglass doors that come in an array of colours and decorative glass that will suit different tastes.Your Ajax home will look even better with a Sunview Vinyl Thermo-Guard Patio Door. This is the most versatile and dependable gliding patio door you can find today. It’s the perfect blend of innovative technology, decorative features, unparalleled durability, and heavy-duty performance.Aside from the door units we offer, we can also provide you with door hardware that can give your entryway a fresh and more elegant look.
With Platinum Home Design & Renovations, you can be sure that you get services from a reputable contractor with a team of highly-trained installers. We are Window Wise certified so you can be sure about the quality of the installation or replacement service that you’ll get.
Our team of reliable pros are ready to serve you in Ajax! Let’s get you those new windows and doors that will give your home the new and fresh look that it needs, and your family the security and comfort that you deserve.

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