What is Window Glazing?

embassy-splashWhen you’re shopping for new windows, you might hear about glazing quite a bit but most people honestly don’t know much about it or what it does. Window glazing is the actual glass part of a window. Glazing is mounted in the window with the assistance of glazing putty and a frame that supports the glass and holds it in place.

The act of replacing glass is known as reglazing and there are a number of reasons to reglaze a window, ranging from the need to replace broken glass to a desire to retrofit a window with more energy efficient glass.

A glazier typically did glazing installations. This person worked in construction specializing in glass installation. Glaziers are still sometimes used for reglazing projects in which the original frame is being kept as is. Otherwise, it’s more common to purchase an entire window, which can be ordered in a custom size or configuration for special needs, and fitted into place by a professional installer. Glass companies that stock windows will also tend to perform installations, usually for a fee.

Older windows were single glazed, meaning they used a single pane of glass. Today’s windows have many more options. Double or triple glazed windows create more insulation, making a structure more energy efficient by reducing heat loss through the windows. Glass can also be tinted to keep out sunlight, coated in a clear film that increases energy efficiency, and otherwise treated to make windows more efficient. In some regions, utility companies or government agencies may subsidize energy efficient windows as an incentive to improve home efficiency.

If you own a historic home, especially in the Canadian climate, you’ll likely want to replace your window glazing but keep your original windows. It can be difficult to replicate designs, such as the delicate multi-paned windows seen in Craftsman style homes, and in these cases, a glazier may be hired to remove the old glass and replace it with double paned glass for more efficiency. Windows can also be sent out for reglazing and repair to specialty firms that handle vintage windows, doors, and other fittings, restoring them with new glazing so that they can be reinstalled, rather than replaced.

There are a lot of options when it comes to window glazing. Platinum Home Renovations offers many window styles with different glazing options. Our windows are energy efficient and can be made to fit any size opening in your home. Our windows are built to deal with the Canadian climate and our installers are professional, fast, and courteous.

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