Will Decorative Glass Doors Compromise the Security of Your Home?

custom-sandblastConsidering decorative glass to complement your front door can be a great way to boost the overall curb appeal of your home. Some homeowners are concerned, though, about security when they begin looking at installing doors with decorative glass.

That’s often the result of the instinctual reaction that glass is easily breakable, which means that if someone comes to your front door and sees a large section of glass, and they want to gain entry into your home, it’s going to be easy for them to do so.

The truth is that your front door is supposed to be strong and secure. What good would a powerful deadbolt and locking mechanism be if a burglar or other criminal could simply smash in the glass with their elbow, or a rock, and have access to your home?

The term decorative glass can also conjure thoughts and images of delicate features, like stained glass windows.

The truth is that decorative glass for entry doors is not like most other types of glass. This type of glass is strong and thick, for starters. It would take a great deal of force to be able to crack the glass in the first place, much less shatter it.

Even if the glass gets cracked, decorative glass on entry doors won’t shatter that easily. Most of these doors that have decorative glass on them have a film that holds the glass in place and together. It’s similar to hurricane glass on windows that you would find down in Florida, U.S. When something strikes those windows, such as during a hurricane, the glass will crack and break, but it will hold together so that more debris doesn’t get blown into the house.

Decorative glass for entry doors is similar. Not only is it simply stronger than regular glass, it won’t shatter. If someone is determined to break in and break the door down, they will, but don’t expect it to be easy just because you have decorative glass on your front door.