Why You Can Find Information on DIY Replacement Windows and Doors

Acronym of DIY for Do It YourselfYou’re a do-it-yourselfer. You like to work with your hands, you like to learn new things, and you figure you can save some money along the way by making improvements to your home, replacing certain components in your car, changing the oil, and so much more. It’s a great feeling to be able to step back, see the work you’ve done, and be proud of yourself.

However, there are certain aspects to home improvement and other work people shouldn’t attempt if they have no prior experience doing it. Replacing windows and doors is one of them.

When you purchase brand new replacement windows for your home, hopefully you made the right investment in quality. You can certainly head down to your local home improvement superstore and purchase extremely inexpensive replacement windows and even entry doors, but they are of low quality and won’t provide the protection against drafts, safety issues, and security you deserve.

So, assuming you made the right investment and purchased quality replacement windows, the window and door company likely recommended having their experienced and certified installers do the work for you, but you may have been inclined to turn them down. After all, how hard can it be to remove the molding, cut the nails around the window frame, remove the old window, and install a new one?

It may not sound difficult, but what if you purchased a window that is slightly different in size or style? It may require reframing.

That’s not the only issue, though. Many quality window manufacturers provide warranties for the products they sell. However, they also have specific expectations and directions on how those windows need to be installed. If they are not level, if they are not flush to the wall properly, or if there are other mistakes made during installation, that could cause the warranty to be null and void.

It’s not worth the risk when you’re investing thousands upon thousands of dollars in this valuable improvement project. It’s best to rely on an experienced and qualified installer to do the job right the first time.