Why Winter is the Best Time to Replace Your Old Windows

check for leaking windowsMany Toronto area homeowners think of waiting until the spring or summer months to begin looking at replacing their old, outdated, and broken down windows or even their entry doors. In truth, that can certainly be a great time to have this home improvement project done, but winter is also a wonderful time for it.

In fact, winter may very well be the best time to replace your old windows.

What about heat loss?

Most people worry about the heat that can be lost from their home while there windows are being replaced. In order to replace a window, the existing one has to be removed, the frame prepared, and then the new window installed. That can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour or even more, depending on the work that needs to be done to prepare the frame for the new window.

That can certainly cause a significant amount of heat to escape from the house. Multiply that by 14 (which is about the average number of exterior windows in any home), and that’s an all-day project. Why would anyone want to waste all of that heat?

Heat may be lost, but it can be minimized by simply closing the door to that particular room until the work is completed.

When you think about it, though, even running the furnace twice as long for an entire day is only going to cost a few extra dollars at that particular time.

What benefits do you get by replacing your windows during the winter?

Most home-improvement contractors, including window and door companies, see a slowdown in their workload over the winter. That means they may be able to offer more savings and better installation rates to their customers. The amount of money you may lose in heating costs for that one day of installation are more than made up by the savings you get choosing to take on this home improvement project during the winter.