Types of Window Replacements

Bay Windows
Bay Windows

When deciding what type of windows you want to replace what you currently have, start by choosing the ideal material. Wood frames have a timeless, traditional look you might prefer. Veneer wood windows have the beauty of wood but are easier to maintain. Vinyl window frames can improve efficiency by reducing heat loss, and metal and aluminum window frames are some of the more durable material choices.

Once you’ve chosen your material, you need to choose the style. We have listed them below with descriptions, plus pros and cons to help make the decision easier for you.

There are three types of hinged window replacements:

Awning windows: These open outward and have hinges at the top. They are great for high placement and because of the top hinges and outward opening, they can be left open even when it’s raining. Installing this type of window at a higher height increases privacy while still letting in plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Casement windows: These open outward, similar to awning windows, but have their hinges at the sides. They are very easy to open and close and also to clean. When they are closed, the frame and sash join tightly to form an airtight seal. This makes this window style very energy efficient. You cannot use a window air conditioning unit with this style of window so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Hopper windows: These are hinged at the bottom and can be open inward or outward. These windows also form an airtight seal when closed. This style is the least practical for most applications.

There are two types of curved window replacements:

Bay windows: This style is popular due to the aesthetic appeal they add to a home. They are made up of three panels – the side two are usually smaller and set at an angle. The angle of these windows opens up your room making it seem larger than it is.

Bow windows: These are similar to bay windows but are made up of four or more panels that are curved into an outward arch. They have the same overall effect that bay windows do. It comes down to a matter of personal choice between the two.

There are three types of traditional windows:

Fixed pane windows: These are the most energy efficient of all the styles. They close to form an airtight seal and are generally easy to clean. They are also usually inexpensive and work with any décor style.

Single or double hung windows: This style is the most common throughout Canada. Single hung are very affordable and both are easy to maintain. They often present problems with drafts and air leakage if improperly installed.

Single or double sliding windows: These operate with panels that slide side to side. With single, only one side slides, with double they both do. These are popular in basements for many of the same reasons as awning windows.