Tips to Find the Ideal Installer for New Windows

install_01The moment that you decide on getting new replacement windows for your home in Toronto, you also need to consider the installation process. The right installer can make a world of difference with your new windows.

If you choose an installer who is not certified or licensed to install the specific windows that you purchased, you may find that the manufacturer will not honor the warranty on those windows. The reason for this is that certain windows need to be installed according to manufacturer specifications. If these windows are not installed properly, it can impact some of the features that they offer. As a result, it is not fair to assume that the manufacturer will or should honor a warranty due to defective installation.

That means finding the right installer for your new windows is vital to ensure that not only are they fully functional and installed properly, but also that the manufacturer will honor any warranty on them. Below are some tips to help you find the right installer for your new windows.

1. Contact a professional window company. Not all window companies have on staff installers, but many of them do. By choosing an installer that works for the company you purchase the windows from, you will be assured that they will be installed properly.

2. Check to verify that the installer has the appropriate licensing and certification to install windows in your community. While there are many talented and skilled home-improvement contractors throughout Toronto, that doesn’t mean all of them have the proper certification or licensing to actually work in your home. Verifying this information can save you a significant amount of trouble in the long run.

3. Ask for references or a portfolio of work the installer has done in the past. By asking for references and then verifying those references, or checking a portfolio to see the quality workmanship the installer possesses, this will give you an idea about how skilled they are to handle installing your windows.

Choosing the right windows for your home is an incredibly important investment, but just as important is having those windows installed properly. Take the time to ensure that your windows will be installed properly.