Thinking of Triple Glazed Windows for Your Home?

triple-pane-windowsIf you are thinking about getting triple glazed windows to replace your old, outdated ones, it may seem to make sense on the surface, but it might not be the optimal situation.

Triple glazed windows are quite a bit more expensive than the traditional double glazed windows, and they are also heavier. The weight of these windows should not be a major concern with regard to structural integrity of your house, but they can make a difference when trying to install them. The larger the window, the heavier they are going to be and triple glazed windows may require two or more installers to come to your house to put them in place.

One of the major reasons why people choose triple glazed windows is for energy efficiency and soundproofing. Triple glazed windows can improve energy efficiency by 10, 20, and even 40% over basic double glazed windows that are sealed with argon gas. A triple glazed window is 82% more energy-efficient than a single glazed window.

In Toronto and the rest of Ontario, winters get exceedingly cold, which would seem to be reason enough to consider triple glazed windows. However, if a homeowner doesn’t keep the heat on high during the winter, they aren’t maximizing the return on their investment if they choose triple glazed windows.

Does this mean you shouldn’t even consider triple glazed windows?

No. It means that you need to take into consideration a number of factors to determine whether double glazing is enough or whether you will actually receive the kind of benefit from triple glazing that you hope.

Sit down with an experienced window professional at Platinum Windows and Doors to determine whether triple glazed windows are the optimal solution for you and your home right now.