Thinking about Low-E Film for Your New Windows, but Wondering if It’s Worth It? It Can Be and We Explain Why

Handing new one hundred billIf you’re in the market for new replacement windows in your Toronto home, you might have come across (or will come across) the term ‘Low-E.’ This is a type of film coating that is invisible but it can cut out a significant portion of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

The sun’s UV rays are responsible for generating heat within your home, causing you to get a nice suntan during the summer, and also the fading of furniture and other items within the house.

Living in Toronto it might not seem as though this type of film coating is really worth the investment. After all, we only have to deal with high summer temperatures for a couple of months out of the year, so would Low-E film coating even be something you should consider?

Yes, you should consider Low-E and here’s why …

Just because we don’t have to deal with the same kind of torrential heat they do in the Southern portion of the United States, anyone who’s spent time in Toronto during the summer knows full well it can get quite hot. And humid.

We get used to cooler temperatures throughout the year, so when the thermostat climbs, it can be somewhat uncomfortable. That means running the air conditioning system in the house just to keep cool.

Every hour that the sun penetrates your home during those warm spring and summer months, it’s raising the temperature. It’s also fading your furniture.

The sun’s UV rays will destroy your furniture, carpeting, and much more over time, so anything you can put between it and the sun is going to help protect it much better over time. The most potent thing you can use is to cover your windows.

Then you don’t get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. And therefore we have the main reason why Low-E film coating is a great idea for your Toronto home. Not only will you stay cooler during the summer … you’ll also be protecting your precious furnishings.