The Value of Sliding Windows

Double Lift-Out Slider (Also available in Single Lift-Out)
Double Lift-Out Slider (Also available in Single Lift-Out)

If you’ve been considering replacing some or all the windows in your home, you might have come across a term: ‘sliding windows.’ These are not the same as double hung or single hung windows.

Double hung windows open up and down along the track that runs vertically. Sliding windows open side to side, running along the track that rests along the top and bottom portion of the windows.

Sliding windows are very similar in function to sliding glass doors. There are some advantages to considering sliding windows as opposed to the more traditional double hung or casement style windows.

First, sliding windows are easy-to-use and highly functional. All you need to do is unlock and slide them to open. You don’t need a lot of leverage like you might with double hung window. You also don’t have to worry about turning a crank to open a casement window.

This is an easy way to allow fresh air into your home. Sliding windows also come with screens, so you won’t have to worry about dirt getting into your house.

Second, sliding windows are often considered one of the most affordable windows you can purchase. While they may not be the most elegant looking ones, it can transform the look and feel of certain rooms in your house at an affordable rate. They can also outlast some of the cheaper double hung windows you might find at your local home improvement superstore.

They are simple in design and strong in functionality. You can even get sliding windows that are highly rated with regard to energy efficiency. Having low-e film coating installed on any replacement window can help cut down the amount of heat generated inside the house during summer, which can be a great way to improve comfort throughout the year.

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