The Value of Low-E Film Coating on Replacement Windows

windows-valueWith spring finally here, that means summer is just around the corner. Many people anticipate the summer months for taking vacations, visiting the beach, and enjoying the warmer weather.

As few homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area actually have any type of air conditioning, when the sun gets high and the days are incredibly warm, it can be uncomfortable at home, at least at times.

That’s because the sun’s ultraviolet radiation penetrates into the house and heats it up inside. Even keeping the windows open to allow fresh air to flow through isn’t going to do much to cool the temperature inside the air at home.

Low-E film coating can be a great asset for replacement windows. This type of film is placed onto the glass during the process of manufacturing and is completely invisible, yet it provides a great deal of protection for the home, the floor surfaces, furniture, and other items within the house.

It does this by helping to block much of those ultraviolet rays from penetrating into the house. So, the homeowner can enjoy all of the benefits of natural light during the spring and summer months without having to worry about their home becoming overheated.

What about during winter?

Many people avoid Low-E film coating because they would prefer to have the sun’s ultraviolet radiation help warm their house during the winter, which can help them save a tremendous amount of money on their heating expenses.

The way this Low-E film coating works has to do with the angle of the sunlight. The lower the angle of sunlight to the horizon, the less the film is going to block the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This means that the home can still enjoy the benefits of the sun’s warmth without the increased heating during the summer.

For those looking at replacement windows, they should certainly ask about Low-E film coating before making any particular decisions about which windows to purchase.