The Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Toronto Homeowners (and Why Replacement Windows is Included)


install_01There are many home improvement projects any Toronto area homeowner could take on that could boost comfort and even value for the house itself. Below are the top five home improvement projects every homeowner should consider at some point in time, unless they purchased a relatively new home or one that was brand new.

Home improvement project #1: Kitchen renovations.

This is one of the most popular types of improvement projects people take on for a variety of reasons. It’s the one room in the house everybody uses on a regular basis. This is where meals are prepared and it could set the tone for adjoining rooms, such as a dining room and even a living room. Kitchen renovations, if done properly, can actually boost the value of the house and also its appeal in the event that it goes on the market.

Home improvement project #2: Remodeling a bathroom.

Along with kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels can add aesthetic and financial value to a home. Updating an old bathroom can be a great way to inspire new life within the home.

Home improvement project #3: Replacing the roof.

The average roof in Toronto will last between 10 and 20 years, depending on the type, materials used, and construction originally. The roof protects the entire house and helps to keep the walls intact and strong. This protects the home against serious weather elements, including high winds. Replacing the roof may be a necessity, but when it’s done it can actually boost the resale value.

Home improvement project #4: Adding in addition.

Adding more space to your home will certainly boost its value and it could also provide more comfort and options for you and the rest of your family.

Home improvement project #5: Replacing the windows and doors.

This is the most commonly overlooked project that can actually be beneficial for a number of reasons. This is an opportunity to completely change looking feel of any and all rooms in the house. For example, replacing two double hung replacement windows in the bedroom with a gorgeous bay window can help capitalize on the amazing view beyond that glass.

For any homeowner looking to make an impact on their home’s value and the overall comfort should consider replacement windows and doors and making the right investment.