The Key Difference Between Replacement Windows and New Construction

How Much Should You Expect to Spend on Basic Replacement Windows?Shopping around for replacement windows for your Toronto area home will expose you to quite a few new things. Most homeowners only have to replace their windows once in their lifetime. As a result, they often don’t have a great deal of experience or information about the various types of windows, the styles, and what to look for.

A common mistake.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners today make when it comes to replacement windows is they have a tendency to be drawn to the home improvement superstore’s that advertise some incredibly low prices on replacement windows. While that may seem like a bargain, it’s not offering the homeowner any real value.

Another common mistake homeowners make has to do with the difference between replacement and new construction windows. A new construction window is specifically designed to be installed during the construction of a home or even an addition onto a house. The framing is different and the quality of the windows may also vary.

Many of the windows found in your local home improvement superstore are the same type of windows construction companies prefer in new homes and buildings. Why do they prefer them? Because they are the cheapest ones on the market. In order to maximize profits, cutting costs is the best way to do that. Choosing inexpensive windows for new construction can help save thousands of dollars for the development company.

Choosing replacement windows that are essentially the same quality is going to be an incredibly missed opportunity for the homeowner. That homeowner will likely notice just how cheaply those windows are made, the poor energy efficiency they truly offer, and more problems that develop in the years ahead.

Always shop for replacement windows for existing homes and always look to window and door companies specifically. Avoid the common trappings other homeowners have fallen into and focus instead on quality, style, and aesthetic appeal.