The Benefits of a Window Wise Certified Installer

Window WiseA do-it-yourself project can be a good thing for a homeowner when it comes to saving money but there are times when hiring a contractor is a must. Having new windows installed by a professional is one of those times. Not all installers have the necessary qualifications to properly install windows. Even window manufacturers have different standards that may or may not meet all criteria. When it comes to finding a contractor to replace windows in your home, a Window Wise certified dealer is the place to go.

The Window Wise quality assurance program gives homeowners confidence that their windows and installation will be of the highest quality. Window Wise certification means: approved windows, certified contractors, trained and certified installers, random job inspections, and a quality assurance guarantee.

Window Wise offers advice to customers about the window industry. For instance, there are over 2000 window manufactures in Canada, but less than 30 are certified by Window Wise. Those who only claim to be affiliated with Window Wise are usually not certified as Window Wise contractors or installers.

A certified Window Wise contractor must meet the criteria. The contractor must have been in the business for a least three years, have a proven reputation and financial stability, adhere to the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada (SAWDAC) ethics code, offer a minimum of five years workmanship guarantee, have a minimum of two million dollars in liability insurance, and successfully complete the mandatory installation training and certification by Window Wise.

A Window Wise installation means that the installation must meet more than 25 criteria. In each case, there must be at least one installer who is certified by Window Wise on site. Plus there is the added benefit of a random job inspection to ensure the installation is up to standard. With certified installation, the contractor will complete and submit registration forms for the five year guarantee. The guarantee is not prorated so the customer will be taken care of, if needed.

Buying and having windows installed shouldn’t be complicated, especially since the homeowner is looking to save money on energy costs. The Window Wise assurance program makes it easy for a homeowner to find a certified contractor who will complete the project with trust.