Springtime Rain, Leaks, and What They Can Mean for Your Home’s Windows

check for energy effiencyWhen windows are not installed properly in your home, that can lead to a number of problems. Older windows can also begin to develop problems, especially with regard to draftiness and leaks.

As springtime has finally arrived in this area of the world, it’s going to bring along with it increased rain. As the snow and ice packs begin to melt, especially when they are stuck on the roof and in the gutters of your house, it’s going to expose a number of problems with many of those windows.

Leaks in or around a window may not be easy to spot. The flashing on the outside of the window can disguise many problems, which is why it’s such a good idea to have an experienced window expert come out to your home and analyze the conditions of all of the windows to determine whether repairs can be made or if they should be replaced.

For those homeowners who may have installed windows themselves recently, a leak can be a major concern. Without the proper level of experience, it’s easy to offset the window just slightly so that rainwater doesn’t drain properly, as it was designed by the manufacturer. This isn’t the fault of the manufacturer, but of the homeowner who decided to try and save money installing the windows himself or herself.

If those leaks are not taken care of immediately, they can lead to mold, mildew, rotting of the wood around the frame, and much more. Many of those problems can go undetected for years, and it’s not worth taking the risk.

If you have questions about whether there are leaks in or around your windows or doors, contact Platinum Windows and Doors to have a qualified expert take a look and determine the conditions of those windows and doors. The sooner you detect and repair any potential problems, especially with regard to leaks, the better able you’ll be to protect your home into the future.