Sliding Windows

Double Lift-Out Slider (Also available in Single Lift-Out)

A sliding window works much the same as a sliding glass door – the windows are placed and slide on tracks at the top and bottom. This type of window is very affordable, easy to clean, and requires very little maintenance. There are a number of options available for those interesting in putting this type of window into their home.

These windows have very few components so there is not much that can go wrong and need repair. There are no springs, pulleys, or cranks needed. In fact, all there is are small wheels inside the track that the window glides on. The fact that there are so few components also makes sliding windows very low maintenance. All you have to do is occasionally lubricate the slider and vacuum out the dirt and debris from the window track and you’re all set.

These windows are also highly functional and easy to use. Simply unlock and slide to open them. You can open them as far as you like in order to let fresh air into your home, and many come with screens so you can keep the bugs out while still letting the fresh air in. Sliding windows are available in a variety of glazing, from the standard single glazing to safety glass, low-e glass, and double-glazing. Being able to fit low-e glass or double-glazing greatly improves the energy efficiency of the window.

Sliding windows are typically the most affordable window type you can buy. They have a tendency to outlast other types of windows as well since there is very little that can break o need replacement.

Platinum Home Renovations offers energy efficient sliding windows for those that are following the new green movement and want to save energy. These windows can be custom made to fit your needs as well as your home style.

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