Sliding Patio Doors

victorian-patio-doorCustom porch doors are the perfect way to bring the outdoors to you all year round. Whether your door leads outside directly from your home or leads out from a sunroom or enclosed porch, the effect is the same. Platinum Home Renovations offers a range of sliding patio doors that you can customize them to suit your home.

Here are just a few reasons to consider a sliding door for your patio:
1. Sliding glass doors offer as much security as hinged doors but provide a broader view. Sliding doors are secured with a latch and you have the option of using a door bar to prevent them from being opened from the outside, making unwelcome entry very difficult.
2. Sliding doors take up less space than hinged doors because they do not a need swing area.
3. There are many options. You can choose the type of glass, the door style, and even the finish. You can even get doors with blinds placed in between the glass for light control and privacy.
4. These doors are very easy to maintain. Simply keeping the glass clean will give you a gorgeous view of the outdoors no matter what the season.
5. Not only do they invite in the outdoors, these sliding glass doors beautify the room they are added to. These doors work on any style home and the options available from Platinum Home Renovations allow you to create the perfect custom door to suit your taste.
6. You can add any window treatment you like to the doors. Whether you prefer drapes, mini blinds, sheers, or nothing at all – they will all work with sliding glass doors.
7. You can opt for Thermo Glass doors that will maintain the energy efficiency of your home. A range of standard construction and glass options lets you tailor the door to weather any climate -from moderate to severe- and our accessories gives you the ability to create the exact look you want.

If you have a traditional patio door and are looking to update or upgrade, sliding glass doors are the perfect solution. Call Platinum today for a free consultation at 1-416-609-0102. We will answer all of your questions and get you set up with the patio door of your dreams.