Security Features for Exterior Doors

Wood Front Door InstallationShopping for brand-new exterior doors for your home or business will provide you with a number of options. One of the most important features that you need to take into consideration is security.

The doors are the main entry point into any home. This includes for the residents as well as a potential guests or even burglars. Protecting your home and possessions means choosing entry doors that are going to be difficult to break into.

The most important security feature of any exterior door is a locking mechanism. You can choose from a relatively inexpensive lock, but that isn’t going to protect your home very well. If the lock is made of a cheap metal, then a prybar and proper leverage will likely be able to snap it.

A heavier duty deadbolt as well as a locking handle is the best foundation for security of exterior doors.

Security plates are also an important feature. A security plate is a solid metal portion of the door that usually surrounds the handle and the deadbolt portion of the locking mechanisms. This security plate prevents someone from being able to snap the door at this junction.

A stronger security plate will help to protect you and your home from a potential breaki in.

Viewers and chains can also provide important security benefits. If you need to know who is ringing your doorbell before you open it, then you want to have some way to see outside of the door. Peepholes and other viewing mechanisms can provide an important security feature for your exterior doors. You may also want to consider installing a security camera and monitor for extra security.

Security chains can provide some comfort for the homeowner, but for somebody intent on breaking into your home, it isn’t going to stop them. Using a locking bar that would secure to the floor from the door handle will help to keep anyone from pushing open the door, even if they’ve managed to slip the locks open.

When you focus on security when shopping for new exterior doors for your home or business, you will be protecting your family and your assets much more effectively.