Risks of Choosing Cheap Replacement Windows

why-enerview-1When you own a home, you want the best for it. However, there are some things that you simply don’t want to spend the money on. One of them might be a new furnace when the old one is coughing black clouds of soot into the air. Another might be a new toilet in the downstairs bathroom. The third is usually replacement windows.

When you think about the windows in your home, you might consider that since you already have them, replacing them would be more of a burden than anything else.

Don’t make the common mistake that so many homeowners throughout Toronto make and go with the cheapest ones you can find.

The Temptation to Choose Cheap Replacement Windows

The most significant issue when choosing replacement windows is cost. You see the price tag and you might immediately think, This just isn’t worth it. If you’re going to focus on cost as your primary motivating factor, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed in the long run with your new windows.

For a couple of months after you purchase them and have them installed you might be thrilled. But then you realize that they don’t improve the value (aesthetic or monetary) of your home, nor do they offer you any real savings with regard to energy efficiency.

What You Don’t Get with Cheap Windows

The most significant shortcoming of cheap replacement windows is that you don’t get the same energy efficiency as you will with high efficiency, better made windows.

You get basic, entry level windows. They will be made of vinyl and look clean and brand new when they’re installed. However, the glass might not endure the same kind of punishment the weather can impose on them and they could become pitted or worn out too quickly.

If you take your time and consider replacement windows to be an investment rather than an expense, you will begin to learn that higher quality replacement windows will help you save money on your utility bills all year round. This includes the harsh winter months that Ontario is known for as well as the summer heat and humidity (running that air conditioning costs money, too).

If you’re looking at old, broken windows in your home and considering the cheapest replacement options, stop for a moment. Think about the long-term savings you will get with better quality windows.

It will make a noticeable difference within the first year.