Proper Care of Your New Replacement Windows

Tips for Cleaning Your Windows in the Spring: Inside and OutYou recently had replacement windows installed in your home. They look great and it feels great to have made a wonderful decision for you and your household. Now it’s time to focus on properly caring for those new windows.

Depending on the material of the window, whether they are wood, vinyl, or some other material, the care will vary. It’s important to pay attention when the sales representative at the window and door company go over the specifics about what types of cleaning solutions you can or should use on your new windows.

Keep the glass clean.

Whatever surface your windows are made out of, it’s important to keep the glass clean as often as possible. Double hung windows that open inward make it incredibly easy and convenient to keep the outside portion of the glass clean. Follow proper opening procedures, supporting the window as you do, and clean the exterior portion of the glass at least once a week.

Any glass windows that are exposed to a significant amount of afternoon and evening sunlight should be cleaned more frequently, especially if there is a great deal of dust being kicked up.

Clean the hardware.

You can use a brand-new, soft bristled toothbrush to help keep the hardware clean. This can include handles and locking mechanisms. Avoid pouring water directly on these mechanisms, but instead lately dip a toothbrush in soft cleaning solution, clean the hardware, and then blot dry immediately.

Fully open and close all windows.

It’s a good idea to open the windows all the way at least once a week. This is a good habit to get into when you keep those windows clean every week.

By opening and closing the windows, it helps to keep the tracks clean and, if you’re paying attention, you may begin to detect certain problems before they become major headaches. Any issues with dirt, grease, grime, or other foreign contaminants that get onto the tracks or along the windows should be addressed and cleaned as quickly as possible.