Preparing for the Installing of Your New Windows May Require Some Effort on Your Part

install_01You’ve shopped around and made the decision that’s best for your home and family with regard to brand new windows for your house. Now you’re waiting for the call about when installation will occur. Maybe you already set this date up when you first picked out your brand new windows.

In either case, there may be certain things you should do to help get ready for this installation date. Below are a few things to consider doing to make the installation process that much smoother and quicker.

1. Move large furniture away from windows.

If you have a China cabinet that is situated near or in front of one of the windows, in many cases the installation expert will have to move this to gain access to the window and remove the old one safely. That will just take more time for them to do this and it could cost you more for the installation.

2. Provide a clear path for the installation expert to get into and out of your house.

If the installation expert has to park his truck on the street and then walk up your driveway, over a few obstacles, and then around a million toys just to get into the house, it’s going to create a potentially dangerous environment.

Make sure the pathway is clear and the installation professional can park close to the house.

3. Talk to the installation expert about how he or she prefers to work.

Some prefer to work on the ground floor first and then move their way up. Others prefer to work top-down. This could help you figure out which rooms to make sure are clear of obstacles, debris, and furniture near the windows.

4. Find out what time the installation professional will show up.

Somebody should be at the house to at least let the installation expert in, and many people prefer to remain home while this work is being done. If the installation expert is planning to show up at eight in the morning and you have a teenager who likes to sleep in late, this may complicate having the windows in his or her room replaced.

Make sure everybody is up and ready to move so the installation expert can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely.