Pinpointing Where Your Windows Are Leaking Air

drafty windowsHaving drafty windows will not only be an uncomfortable situation, it can also be incredibly costly. During the winter, every cubic meter of heated air that is replaced by cold air pushing through drafty windows is going to cost you more money in heating expenses.

If you are not looking to replace your existing windows anytime soon, it may help for you to pinpoint exactly where your windows are leaking from. Depending on where the drafts are seeping in through the windows, there may be certain things you can do to minimize the amount of cold air that gets into your home and reduces the ambient air temperature inside, thus forcing your furnace to work overtime and your bank account to get drained too quickly.

Nighttime is usually the best time of day.

During the overnight hours is generally when it gets coldest during the winter. At night, approach a window that you know is drafty and try to feel where the air is coldest. Don’t touch the glass, but rather keep your hand about 2 to 4 cm away from the surface of the window itself.

You should also consider turning the heat up an extra few degrees than what you’re accustomed to as the greater the difference between the outdoor air temperature and indoor air temperature, the more significance the draft will feel.

If you feel more cold air brushing past your hand over the glass, then the double glazed window may have lost its seal.

If you feel draftiness between the seams, such as on a double hung window, this may be due to weather stripping or other surfaces that have failed over time. The window lock mechanism may also not be operating properly and subsequently sealing the window as it was designed originally. You may also feel drafts coming in around the external frame of the window itself. This could be due to improper installation or a failure to use insulation properly.

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