Why Picture Windows are becoming Fashionable Again


high_profile_fixed_windowsEverything that is old is new again. This is a phrase that basically refers to the fact that certain fashions that have been passé for a long time eventually come back in style again. While we can all hope that the beehive hair style of the 1950s and 60s doesn’t bother to rear its head again, there are certain things that wouldn’t be so bad if they did.

One of these things happens to be picture windows. These are the large, generally single pane windows that were flat against the walls of the house. In other words, they are flush to the house, not like bay windows that expand out away from the exterior wall of the house, creating a curve, or expansive peripheral view.

Picture windows are called that because, when you have a beautiful view through them, they resemble large paintings, or pictures with the basic frame around the outside.

These windows were highly popular during the 1960s and 70s and then during the 80s and 90s they began to lose favor. Homeowners were more interested in bay and bow windows that could provide depth and offer the homeowner more control over them.

However, in recent years there has been a resurgence in these types of windows in homes, both new constructions and existing homes. Why they are becoming more popular once again is likely the result of two simple factors.

They are Easy to Maintain

One of the main disadvantages to bay and bow windows that some homeowners complain about is that they are not as easy to maintain. Even though there have been some amazing innovations with windows during the past 30 years that can allow you to clean the outside of the glass from inside the home, bay and bow windows have more separate panes of glass.

Picture windows have just one panel of glass. This makes keeping these windows clean much easier, even though they are large.

They are More Energy Efficient

The other reason they are becoming popular again is the fact that they are more energy efficient now than in the past. With double glazed windows being sealed with gas, you can actually save money every month on heating and cooling expenses, compared to single pane.

If you are considering replacing your existing windows with a picture window, or you have an old picture window and have been contemplating replacing it with a new one to help save money on your utility bills, contact Platinum Windows and Doors.