Patio Doors with Built-in Blinds


A recent addition to Platinum Home Renovations’ patio door lineup is the Venetian Series Internal Mini Blinds Doors. These doors not only make your home more attractive, they also offer light control, privacy, and easy cleaning. These have been an instant hit in the Greater Toronto Area.

We may be in the cold grip of winter right now but summer will be here before you know it. The sun shines no matter what time of year but keeping it out during the summer is very important to maintaining comfort and keeping your cooling bills down. When you have a patio, the sun can invade at even higher levels. The sun’s rays coming through a large door into a cool room charge up the entire room with heat. The heat further increases if your patio is made of stone.

Patios can be found in a variety of places outside Canadian homes. The backyard is the most common, but many other people have designed and placed them outside bedrooms and living rooms. Light control and privacy is important in all of these spaces so mini blinds or some other window treatment would need to be used to make the space practical.

Patio doors are typically either sliding doors or French doors. Both styles provide plenty of natural light but sliding doors require less room since they don’t open in any direction. The Venetian Series from Platinum Home Renovations are sliding doors. They are easy to use and come with the mini blinds already installed inside. They allow you to:

Adjust the amount of light and privacy with a quick and easy touch of the finger,

Eliminate the need for more costly and awkward window coverings,

Mini blinds are incorporated into factory sealed units. Totally dust and maintenance-free.

With a just a simple slide of your finger you can adjust how high or low the blinds sit as well as the tilt of the slats. They look great, require no cleaning, apart from the glass of the door, and, best of all, give you all the benefits of regular mini blinds but without the rattle every time you open and close your door. You also don’t have to worry about moving them aside or pulling them all the way up to get in and out through the door.

If you’re interested in these or other patio door styles, call us today. We’ll give you a free quote and schedule your new patio door installation so when the weather warms up you’ll be ready to enjoy it.