Installation of Replacement Windows in Fall

fall leavesAs autumn rushes in, we may be thinking about the leaves changing color, the beautiful picturesque scenes and drives into the rural countryside, but we likely also have winter on our mind. Living in Canada means we have to deal with long, freezing cold winters that never seem to end. It’s one of the reasons why we have such an affinity for winter sports.

At home, the last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable. You set the thermostat at a specific setting that’s comfortable for you and the rest of your family. You hear the furnace kick on and the heat begin filling the house. It’s a warm, comfortable feeling, especially when the snow is flying and the air outside looks frigid.

This year, though, you know something has to change.

During the last few winters you couldn’t believe your eyes when that heating bill came in. Maybe you have natural gas or your home relies on home heating oil. Perhaps it’s heated by electricity. Whatever the case may be, the cost of heating your home, even at a lower temperature, has been increasing every year.

You began to notice draftiness around the windows. So you decided to talk it over with the rest of your family. You all came to an agreement that replacement windows now would be a great option. Maybe you considered summer to be the ideal time to replace those windows, but you didn’t pull the trigger, so to speak, for one reason or another.

Now that autumn is upon us and the temperatures are dropping, is it too late?

Of course not. Fall is a great time for replacement windows. You can get your windows replaced professionally anytime of the year, but the colder it is outside, the more it will impact your home’s heat during the installation process itself.

The benefits of replacing your old, drafty windows now will be felt and seen this coming winter.