Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home Today

why-enerview-1Energy efficiency is a topic that has ordered a great deal of attention in recent years. Whether you focus on energy efficiency to try and save money on heating costs during the winter or to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ to help protect the environment, it all comes down to the same thing: finding ways to improve energy efficiency in the home.

There are plenty of things you can do to help make this a reality. Many people focus on insulation as the primary improvement in their home. They may have insulation that’s outdated or relatively ineffective and decide to rely on blown insulation or even applying exterior insulation to the outside portion of the walls of their home.

Other ways include using draft dodgers at the base of every exterior door, applying plastic over the windows, and more. Draft dodgers can make it feel a bit warmer, but they are limited in their ability to actually reduce energy costs.

Plastic over the windows can be effective to some degree, but it poses another challenge: you won’t be able to open those windows during those warm days that inevitably come every year.

The best way to improve energy efficiency is to focus on replacing any old windows or doors in your home. That’s because the windows and doors in your house account for 40 percent of your home’s heat that is lost every day.

To put this into some perspective, take out your last energy bill, whether it was purchasing home heating oil, electric, natural gas, or a combination of a couple of these, add them up, and multiply by .40. This is 40 percent of that cost.

Now, get that much money in your hand in cash, walk over to your front door, open it, and take all the cash and fling it out into the wind.

You wouldn’t really do that, would you? So why do you allow yourself to essentially do the same thing with poor, inefficient windows and doors that remain a part of your house?

It’s time to make a change and replace inefficient, old, and outdated windows and entry doors in your home.