How Important is Energy Efficiency to You when it Comes to Your Windows and Doors?

enrty door could be leaking warm airIf you’re in the market for new replacement windows or doors for your Toronto area home, you’re probably going to be exposed to many different options with regard to size, style, and even energy efficiency. A lot of people focus on energy efficiency because the more energy-efficient their home or appliances are, the more money they can save on their utility expenses, including the electric bill, heating oil, and more.

The more energy-efficient your home is, the less impact it will have on the environment, and that can be incredibly important to a lot of people, too.

40 percent of your home’s heat is being lost through drafty windows and doors. To put that in perspective, if you spend an average of $200 every month during the heart of winter on heating your home, $80 of it is wasted. Reach into your wallet or pocketbook at the moment, pull out $80 if you have it (if you don’t have it, go down to your bank and withdraw $80), crumple up each bill, and the next time you drive to the store throw it out the window.

Sounds absurd, right? No one in their right mind would do that. In truth, you would be doing that every single month during the winter and, to a lesser degree, during the summer if you don’t focus on energy efficiency for your replacement windows or doors.

Now that you know these facts, take some time to focus on getting the most energy efficient windows and doors for your home when they need to be replaced.