Getting Creative with Old Doors You’ve Replaced

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Set of keys in lock of old wooden door

When you replace old doors, what do you do with them? Some people have them tossed out in the garbage. Others take up offers from contractors and someone else who may install their new doors to take them away.

If you don’t want to waste that perfectly good wood, here are a few creative ideas that you could easily put together using those old, worn-out doors.

Build an end table.

Depending on the type of door you have, if you have an ornate front door or some other door with character, especially if it’s weathered, you might want to consider an end table.

You can put an end table next to your couch, you can use it as a nightstand, and you can even use it as a cubicle to store books, DVDs, and other items in your living room or family room.

Build shelves.

You can cut these doors down to the ideal size and length and create usable shelves. You’ll certainly need brackets and you want to make sure you anchor them properly into the wall, if you do this, but again, the weathered look and the doors that have some ornate design on them can make for great shelving units.

Privacy dividers.

Using simple hinges, take two or three doors together, ideally three, and you can make a privacy divider. These privacy dividers are ideal for a home office, changing area of a bedroom, or simply as a decorative piece in the house.


Just as you may have done to build an end table, you can build full-sized tables. Depending on the type of doors you have, these could be decent kitchen tables or maybe better for outdoor living spaces.

Before getting rid of those old doors to make room for those replacement doors, think about the options you have available to you. You might be able to put those old doors to good use.