Why Energy Efficiency Still Matters After Winter

understanding glazing in windowsDuring the winter you probably saw your home heating bill climbing out of control. Every time you heard the furnace kick on you groaned. You might have walked by some of your old windows and felt the drafts. Maybe you put up some plastic to help cut down on heat loss, but it really didn’t do that much.

Now that spring is here, you might not be worried so much about saving money on your heating expenses. So, energy efficiency may no longer be a consideration.

In other words, you’re no longer thinking about replacement windows or doors for your home.

You thought about that during the heart of winter. You just didn’t want to make the investment. Perhaps in January or early February it was a real possibility, but you said yourself, “If I can just make it to Spring, I’ll be fine.”

You’ve made it. But are you still fine?

Not necessarily. Energy efficiency should still matter, even after winter is over. You might not use central air conditioning.

It can still get quite hot here in the summer, as you very well know. But next winter, the heating season will be upon us before you realize it. That’s why energy efficiency should still matter. If you want to save money every month during the winter, for year after year, ultimately more than just paying for replacement windows, you should think about replacing your old windows with higher energy efficient ones now.

It might cost you $5,000 or more at the moment, but within two or three years the money you save on your home heating expenses could be more than that. It’s something to consider and if you look into low-e film coating, you could even keep your home cooler during the summer months, which can save you even more money.