During Summer You’ll Really Notice the Value of Low-E

It Can be Costing You a Lot during the SummerLow-e film coating is something that can be applied to any new replacement window. It’s a film that is applied during manufacture and it’s something you’re not even going to notice is there.

There are plenty of aftermarket films that you can purchase and apply to your windows yourself, but unless you have a great deal of experience doing this, you’re going to find some issues arise with them.

The most common issue with regard to these aftermarket films is that they are not cut properly, don’t look great, and bubbles can form underneath them, making the windows look hideous. While they can certainly provide protection against the heat from outside, it’s still not going to offer the same as what you’ll find with low-e film coating.

Low-e film coating can protect against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It’s the sun’s UV rays that penetrate into your house, helping to generate heat, and even increase fading of your carpeting, area rugs, furniture, and other items.

This isn’t really a problem during winter, spring, or fall, but during the summer you can really feel the impact of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation penetrating into your house. While few homes throughout Canada actually have central air conditioning, people don’t want to be uncomfortable within their own home. As temperatures seem to be increasing each and every year, some parts of July and August can be exceedingly hot, especially with high humidity.

If you have the sun pouring into your house all day long, it’s going to increase the heat inside your home degree at the degree, hour after hour until it finally begins to set.

When you have low-e film coating installed on your replacement windows, you’re going to notice your home will stay cooler while you can still enjoy the benefits direct sunlight can offer. You don’t have to live in the dark with the curtains or drapes closed every day just to stay cool; you can enjoy the full benefits of summer sunlight into your home.