Do Window Installers Need to be certified?

Window InstallationBuying windows can be challenging. When the perfect window is found, the next step is the installation. There are two ways of getting it done; do-it-yourself, or have someone install them for you.

Installing windows yourself has its advantages and disadvantages. You can save money but if you’re not experienced problems may arise during and after the installation. Leaks lead to increased energy consumption and will negate the money you saved. Plus, the window warranty may be voided if the windows are not installed by a professional installer.

Verifying prospective window installers is vital to ensuring that you get quality windows and professional craftsmanship. Of course, valid references and a well-thought out interview process are tried and true ways to recognize a qualified installer, but there are also certifications an installer can have that will help solidify his or her standing and ease your mind at the same time.

Many professional window businesses offer installation services with known certified installers. A certified installation guarantees that the window will function as the manufacturer intended. Window Wise is a program to ensure that installers, as well as windows, meet their requirements.

In the window replacement industry there are many poorly trained installers, poor quality products, and companies that don’t service what they sell. A Window Wise quality assured and energy efficient window installation offers a level of confidence and peace of mind simply not available anywhere else. Out of the thousands of contractors, very few are certified by Window Wise. Another benefit for the customer is that the installation will be guaranteed for five years.

Window Wise is an independent program that ensures its contractors and window manufacturers meet their requirements. For a window to be certified, it has to pass efficiency, air infiltration, water leakage, and strength tests. For a contractor to be certified, they must have been in business for at least three years and all installers must attend training sessions for proper installation of Window Wise certified windows.

For the homeowner, there is no extra charge for Window Wise installers and approved windows. Using a certified contractor assures your windows will be properly installed and will make your home more energy efficient.