Do-It-Yourself Window Replacement: A Good Idea?

Acronym of DIY for Do It YourselfYou’ve been planning on replacing the windows in your home and while you’ve been shopping around for the right replacement windows, you’ve also been considering putting them in yourself. You shopped around at various window and door companies and determined that installation charges are more than you wish to pay for.

Having at least a modicum of experience with various home improvement projects, you figure you have the tools and enough ability to take out the old windows and put in the new ones.

So is this really a good idea?

For most people, the simple answer is no. Even a basic double hung window can pose certain challenges when replacing them. Not only does the new replacement window have to be installed exactly perfect and flush in the frame, it needs to be level and able to function properly.

While you may still be assuming you can do a good job, keep something else in mind: many of the better window manufacturers out there will only honor a warranty if the windows are installed by somebody certified to do so for that particular manufacturer.

In other words, when you purchase your replacement windows from a small to medium-sized window and door company, they usually have installers on staff who were certified by the manufacturers they carry. That means if there is any kind of defect or flaw with the window itself that occurred during manufacturer or even transporting them, they would be covered by the manufacturer. However, if you were to install them yourself to try to save money, that warranty may very well be null and void.

You always take a chance when you try to do things yourself, but when you’re talking about replacement windows, it’s best to rely on the experience of a professional.