Consider Weather Stripping Your Doors & Windows

WeatherstrippingMost people don’t even notice the small gaps around their windows and doors and even if they do, they pay much attention to them. But just a small 1/8th inch space between your average exterior door and its threshold is the same as having a 2 square inch hole right in your wall. You can save up to 15% of your heating and air conditioning costs by simply closing these types of gaps. And weather stripping is easy, you might be able to do your entire home in a single day.

What you need:

Utility Knife

Tape measure


Self adhesive foam insulation

V-channel weather stripping

Finishing nails

Soap and Water

Weather Stripping Windows

Weather stripping windows is very simple but the process differs depending on the type of windows you have. Double-hung windows require two types of weather stripping. Casement windows only need one.

For Double-Hung Windows:

– Clean the inside edges of the window frame and bottom of the sash with soap and water and let dry.

– Measure each side of the window and cut the foam weather stripping to length with one inch extra on each side.

– Open the window as wide as it goes and peel the back from the foam except for the extra 2 inches on either end. Press the adhesive side of the foam groove for the sash to form a tight bond. Fold the extra 2 inches under the sash.

– Drive finish nails through the weather stripping into the jamb to hold it securely. Test the sash to ensure it doesn’t catch on the nails.

– Close the window and peel the backing off the extra 2 inches and secure it.

– Repeat the process for the outer sash.

– Clean the back of the bottom sash with soapy water and allow it to dry completely.

– Cut a piece of V-channel to match the width of the sash.

– With the sash raised 3 – 4 inches, peel the back from the channel and press it firmly into the back of the sash even with the top. The V should open facing up so the weather stripping compresses when the window is closed.

For Casement Windows:

– Clean the outside of the stops with soapy water – you must open the window completely to do this. Let everything air dry.

– Cut the self-adhesive foam to fit the top, bottom, and sides of the stops.

– Remove the back from each piece of foam and press it into the outside of the stops.

For Your Doors You Will Need:


Utility Knife

Tape measure


Tin snips



Self-adhesive foam weather stripping

Door sweep

Weather Stripping Doors

For doors you will need two different kinds of weather stripping. Sweeps are necessary for the bottom and self-adhesive foam for the top and sides.

Installing Self-Adhesive Foam

– Clean the stop moulding with soap and water and let it air dry.

– Cut pieces of foam to fit each side and the top of the door.

– Peel the back off and press firmly it into the inside of the stop moulding.

Installing a Door Sweep

– Cut the sweep to properly fit the door.

– Screw the sweep to the door so the bottom stays in contact with the floor.

– Be sure to do the installation with the door closed.