The Colour of Your Front Door Can Say a Lot about You (and How to Go about Painting It)

The Colour of Your Front Door Can Say a Lot about You (and How to Go about Painting It)Many homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto Area pay considerable attention to the color of the house. Many homes today are covered in siding and the only way to change the color of the house would be to completely replace the siding. Some homes can be repainted, and the most common color happens to be white.

When thinking about the color of your house, lighter colors are often used to help keep them cooler during the summer, but as anyone who has lived in Toronto for any length of time can attest, it’s the winters that seem to drag on and be incredibly difficult to get through.

The color of your house can say a great deal about your own personality, especially if you repainted or have it resided. If you have exterior shutters, they can also speak to your personal preferences and tastes. The color of your shutters should complement the color of the house.

The front door should also be a complement to your home and the surrounding area. Many people prefer a basic red or white front door, and this may be exactly what you’re looking for, but you should look at various options to help highlight your own personality.

If you decide to repaint your front door, here are a few things to consider.

Choose the right paint. If you have a metal surfaced door, you want a paint that can adhere to that surface readily. Choosing the wrong type of paint can lead to scratches and wearing out on the surface. That can make the front door look terrible in the future.

Never paint when the temperature is below 13°C. The paint won’t stick properly, will run, and that will make it look terrible.

Don’t overload the paintbrush when getting into uneven surfaces. Using very little paint on the paintbrush when working around trim or certain ornate designs on the door will help avoid dripping, pooling, and unsightly imperfections.

These tips should help you repaint your door front door so that it complements your home in the best way possible.