Some Clever Ways to Reuse Old Windows to Make Your Home Stand Out

re use old windowsOnce you’ve made the decision to replace the windows in your Toronto home, you’ll be faced with another decision: what to do with your old windows.

Depending on how old those windows happen to be, you could actually use some of them to create unique pieces that add character to your home. This is best if you have wood windows, especially aged windows. If you have vinyl windows that are only 10 to 15 years old, they might not offer the same appeal as classic wood windows.

Here are some clever things you might be able to do with those old windows (at least some of them).

Build a key rack.

If you add some hooks to the bottom of the frame, you could create a unique key rack where you can place all of your house and car keys. Even a small portion of the window could be more than enough to make this unique decor.

A chalkboard.

Take the glass out of the window and replace it with a small chalkboard. You can have a uniquely framed message board for everyone in your home.

A photo album.

If you have a window that is divided into smaller sections, you can create a unique type of photo album to hang on the wall.

A cork board.

If you add a thin piece of corkboard to the window, even just certain sections, you can create a unique setup that would be ideal for an office or other area of the house where you need to pin up important information or notes.

If you paint the old window the same color as your home’s decor, you could simply add it as a wall decoration or use it with other windows to create a box for storage or even a small table (though you may not want to use it for heavy items).

There are many things you can do with old windows and these are just a few.