Choosing Door Hardware for French Doors

Black Nickel Legacy Lock with Key (upgrade)
Black Nickel Legacy Lock with Key (upgrade)

French doors can be placed between rooms or open to the outside of your house. The door placement will have a significant impact on the type of hardware you should choose. For exterior doors you will need a hardware set with security bolts and keyed handles but you don’t need all that for interior doors.
You should decide whether you prefer levers or knobs as well as the best finish to complement the style of your home.

Traditional and conservative décor looks best with brass hardware, while modern and contemporary décor usually looks better with nickel or a silver-toned metal. For a more dramatic look, choose a shiny or glossy finish or go with a matte finish for a more subdued appearance.

You can also step outside the box and choose black hardware for your doors – this usually works best with interior doors, but can also work on exterior doors if the rest of your home is similar. Bronze, white, or antique patina finish hardware can be ideal if you have antique furniture or rustic home decor.

You also want to take the color of your doors into consideration. Your door color will determine how much the hardware will stand out. For example, white doors with black hardware will look very dramatic, while silver-toned hardware will blend more to create a subtle distinction. If you prefer the hardware to blend in as much as possible, choose it in the same color as your French doors.

As far as style is concerned, both knobs and levers work well. Base your decision on what you like the best. Cut glass knobs will create an old fashioned look; metal knobs or levers are a bit more modern. There are a variety of different shapes as well. Some styles are more funnel-shaped and others are circular. The style of your décor and your personal taste should determine the shape and type you choose.

If you’re going to use levered handles, be sure to choose a set that points in the right direction. You will need a set of two that point outward rather than inward. It shouldn’t be hard to find these if you buy a set, but if you buy pieces separately, make sure you don’t end up with two right handles as your doors will look strange and the handle may actually block one side from opening.

If your French doors lead outside to a patio or backyard area, you should add a security bolt and a keyed knob or lever to prevent anyone from walking into your home.

If you have any questions about French doors, give Platinum Home Renovations a call. We will help you find the perfect hardware set with the appropriate security. Have accurate measurements with you when shopping for all kinds of hardware for French doors.