Broken Glass, Fixing the Problem or Replacing the Windows in Your Toronto Home

Broken Glass, Fixing the Problem or Replacing the Windows in Your Toronto HomeHaving to deal with a broken window in any home can be frustrating, to say the least. Not only will you suddenly have to worry about having it repaired as soon as possible, the longer it’s left broken, the more it can be costing you on heating bills when it’s cold outside.

Safety and security are often the most important considerations people have when it comes to windows and doors. If the window is broken, security is at its lowest point. Even if you manage to put up plywood to protect the window, that still may not protect your home and your family like you may think.

At the moment, the broken glass is a nuisance, but you may be wondering whether it’s time to just have the glass itself replaced or the entire window.

It all depends on the type of window you have installed and its age. The average window in any Toronto home will last around 10 to 15 years. Wood windows can last longer, but if you’re experiencing quite a bit of draftiness through your old windows, it may be best to have the entire window replaced as soon as possible.

That often leads to another situation for many homeowners. Do you make an investment and replace all of the windows in your home or just the one that was broken? If you’re looking at your current window that just suffered damage, it may be a standard size that you can pick up from your local home improvement superstore, but those windows tend to be of low quality and don’t add much value to the home itself.

If the window was broken because of a bird striking it, a neighborhood kid playing baseball, or some other accident, odds are it won’t happen again. If somebody was trying to get into your home and broke the window, you may want to consider impact resistant glass instead to help deter anybody from trying again in the future.

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