Best Cleaning Tips for Windows in Toronto

tips for cleaning windowsKeeping your windows clean can seem like a never ending job. Whether you live in the city of Toronto or in one of the suburbs outlying it, your windows will get dirty on a regular basis.

Today’s windows often offer the homeowner an opportunity to clean the outside portions of the windows from inside their home. This is not true of all styles, though. For example, a picture window is fixed by definition and will be unable to be opened from the inside of the house. The same holds true for most bay and bow windows.

Whether you have double hung, picture, casement, sliding, bay, bow, or any other type of window, here are some of the best cleaning tips to help you maintain them and keep them looking great through the years.

1. Clean them on a weekly basis.

Even though it might not seem that the windows need cleaning right now, they do. Just because you can’t see dirt on them, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Inside and outside of the house, dust and dirt accumulates on the glass. Cleaning them every week will help keep them looking great through the years.

If you don’t clean the glass on a weekly basis, the dirt that builds up can become cooked onto the glass by the hot sun.

2. Add a little vinegar to the water.

Whether you use window cleaner or just mild soap and water, add a little vinegar to the solution. This helps to prevent streaks.

3. Use a squeegee or newspapers.

Most people use paper towels when cleaning down their windows, but this does not offer the same type of clean that a newspaper or squeegee would. A squeegee is the best product to use to wipe down the glass, but newspapers can help create a polish to the glass you didn’t think was possible.

If you use these cleaning tips for your windows, you will enjoy them much more and for a longer period of time.